MP3 Players For Kids

There are quite a few MP3 players for kids on the market today. Some have different features that appeal to kids of different ages and also to girls versus boys, some are cheap MP3 players while others have superficial features to attract younger users. We are going to a quick highlight review of several of the better options for parents who want an MP3 player for their kids.

Disney Mix Max

The Disney Mix Max player has a 2.2 inch LCD display screen and 512 mb of storage. It works with Macs, has decent battery life and an expansion slot that allows pre-programmed content to be loaded. While the screen is deemed average and the interface ok, the Disney name and a reasonable price tag in the $50-$100 range makes this a desirable machine for kids in the 5 to 12 year age group. This player is quite durable and has music, video and photo playback. While the buttons are somewhat hard to press and the earphones are a little big for small ears, the Mix Max will make most youngsters will be delighted to have one and will feel real cool among their friends.

Barbie Girls MP3 player.


This is from Mattel and it combines popular music for kids with stories of Barbie. Young girls will love the hot pink color with real cool pink earbuds. It comes with a book containing 4 Barbie stories and each story comes with songs that tie into the story that they can listen to as they read along. This music player for kids comes with a slide-on clip so it can be worn on belts, 24 pre-loaded songs, pink earbuds and an extra carrying case. It is a good kids music player for young girls at a reasonable price.

Emerson Portable “Karaoke” mp3 Player for kids.

This is a player that allows kids to play songs, with 50 songs pre-recorded, and to sing along and record their own voice as with any karoke system. I has a 3″ lyric sreen, USB/SD slots and will hold up to 150 songs. It is recommended for kids 8 and older and has a built in clock and automatic voice controls. This is an excellent player that also allows kids to sing along, entertain themselves to no end and to learn at the same time how this kind of gear works.


MP3 Players For Young Kids

If you have a small child you are thinking about getting a music player for please take a look at some of the links below. Always keep in mind your childs hearing safety and please read and follow all directions on any of these products.

The Toddlers “My Music” Pod mp3 player is one of the best MP3 players for really young kids.

It comes pre-loaded and is designed for toddlers, with an entertaining sound mixer. Designed for ages 1 year and up, it has 24 songs and you can add in instruments and animal sounds to the music. It also has illustrated buttons, flashing lights and 4 games for kids this young. This is an ideal machine to entertain and amuse really young children and introduce them to the marvels of an MP3 player.

The “4 in 1″ Digital MP3/MP4 Player is another example of an MP3 player for kids that is quite amazing.

The 4 in 1 refers to this player having songs, videos, recordings and photos, all in one small unit. This machine does them all with 2 GB of memory. It will hold more than 2700 songs, while playing videos on a 1.8″ color screen. It features a voice recorder and a digital photo frame.

This MP3 player for kids comes with changeable faceplate, earphones and has Music Express software for creating audio CDs as well as organizing music files and playlists. You have a color choice of blue or pink. Playskool has come out with the “Made For Me” Music Player. This unit is an MP3 player for toddlers. It is made by Hasbro and for its target market it is quite a complex gagdet.

However, parents will be pleasantly surprised to discover the varied features it has for them and their toddler. It has 50 tracks with themed songs for different situations, like upbeat for play times and soothing tracks for times to relax and have a nap. This player is a great educational tool for toddlers as well as entertaining. It comes in a plastic case with a carrying handle and can be attached to a crib.

One final player on the market for childrens MP3 players is the “Carry-a-Tune” MP3 Player from BeBop. This device is child-sized and especially safe for young ears. It has one hour of pre-loaded music and is designed for kids as young as 2 years old. It has a tough rubber housing, built-in speaker and volume limiter. Adults control the 5 volume settings with the highest to 80 decibels.

This is an excellent product for quite young children as it is entertaining and interesting to operate.

Hello Kitty Mp3 Player For Kids

The hello kitty mp3 player for kids is a must for any child who likes this character. It is great for when parents can’t afford the posh apple brand iPod but still wants to give their child the gift of mp3 abilities.
This cute tech gadget is geared at children ages seven to eleven.  There are different variations of this product, making it easy to find one that suits their child best.
One variation is the digital player. It has three interchangeable faces on it. It allows for conversion of cd files to mp3 files on it. There is one gigabyte of space which allows for one hundred sixty four hours of songs, which is quite a bit for a child!.  It also offers USB storage for added song space. Headphones are included with this model, so no need to search for the perfect child friendly headphones to go with it. It retails at $31.99USD, and is available from retailers such as Toys R Us.
Another type is the four gigabyte player. It is in the shape of  the hello kitty head.  It can be personalized as well with different bow and flower interchanges.This type supports mp3 as well as windows media files, making it perfect for parents who may have saved their child’s files in a different format and do not want to go through the trouble of converting the files over.Despite the large space available, four times the size of its one gigabyte counterpart, it too comes with USB storage capabilities. It can also function as a flash drive, giving it more capabilities than the usual run of the mill digital audio devices. This product retails at approximately $32.99 US dollars.
There is also one that doubles as a picture frame, allowing the child to carry photos of their loved ones along with their music.  The digital photo frame is  only one and a half inches however. It also allows for digital video playback. This device comes with a sixty four megabyte memory. It is mp3, windows media, and wmp file compatible, which offers a myriad of style of music files available for playback. It too has flash memory available via a memory card, which can add up to an extra two gigabytes of memory It comes complete with a built in battery that is rechargeable with its USB cord. It also comes complete with sparkly pink ear buds and a pink carrying case. It retails at approximately $34.99 USD.
The brand Sakar also makes this type of portable audio gadget as well. It has a two gigabyte memory. It can store a couple thousand songs, two thousand seven hundred and twenty to be exact.  It plays mp4 files as well. It also features a voice recorder, to allow your child to record themselves singing their favorite songs. Parents can also record notes to their children if they so desire. It comes with an additional capacity for two gigabytes of memory via a flashcard.  The battery on this type is a rechargeable lithium battery, like the kind you find in a digital camera. The average retail price of this device is $100.00 US dollars.

What’s New in Mp3 Players?

Long gone are the days of 8 track, cassette and CD players. The new product on the scene is the mp3 player. There are many of them to choose from as everybody from Apple to even Leapfrog makes them available for all ages and for everybody from music junkies to tiny tots. Each year they get better and contain more memory than previously allowing for the ultimate music enjoyment. So what’s new this year in the mp3 world? There is so much selection even with big name brands out there. Mp3 players for kids or teens may be something to consider too. So we put this guide together for you as a way to help you decide what to choose from this holiday season.

Hot this year,and long awaited was the Cowon D3 Android player. It has the size and the look of a smart phone with touch screen capabilities. It features WiFi, FM radio, the ability to record the FM radio, and a Micro SD card slot. Besides music, one can also play movies, TV shows, and view photos. It also has BlueTooth capabilities, and high definition video play back. It has a huge memory capacity of 32GB. This device was given 3.5 out of 5 stars by consumers who purchased the product and was released in February 2011.

Next up is the Samsung Galaxy player 4.0. It is a fierce competitor against the infamous Apple branded iPod touch. It features all of the Google Android operating system features without the phone issues. It too, just like the aforementioned Cowon D3, has the look and feel of a smart phone. It’s light weight at only 4.3 ounces and even comes equipped with a front facing and back facing high quality VGA camera. It has an 8GB base memory, however it can go up to 72 GB. It also features voice GPS navigation, video chat in the form of Skype and supports gmail and gmail chat as well. Lastly it also features many apps to choose from. It’s been rated 4 out of 5 stars by the editors at PC magazine.

Last but not least is the stunning Sirius Stiletto. It is a portable satellite radio and a flash mp3 player. It has access to 71 commercial free radio stations, 40 sports channels, as well as comedy, news, and entertainment channels as well. It also has integrated WiFi so that you can still hear satellite radio even if you are not picking up satellite connections in the area. It has smaller memory than most of its counterparts at only 2GB but with the Micro SD card feature it increases its capacity to up to 8 GB. It features parental controls, and is great for personal as well as in car use. It is also not touch screen which is a plus for some consumers who like the classic feel as found in the iPod classic. This device is also a bit thicker in structure, making it for a more durable device. This device is most popular amongst those who love satellite radio and the Sirius brand.

These are the hottest trending and newest for the mp3 players in 2011. More are sure to be on the horizon as we approach the impending holiday season.

Choosing a Good mp3 Player For Your Kid

As with most things you consider buying today, there is an infinite selection of MP3 players out there for children. This adds a great deal to the confusion that most parents of young children face as they search for the right device for their child.

Cost is a major factor to consider as you may just want to go with a cheap MP3 player, but there are other issues to keep in mind as well. While affordability reduces the overall risk in this purchase, durability is a major consideration as most kids, especially pre-teens, are not very careful with their things.For a very young child, say two and under, you really want to entertain them. You likely don’t need earphones but you will want something that will rest on a table and/or hang on a crib.

You also probably want one with bright colors and perhaps an MP3 player that has lights to help attract attention. You also will want some pre-recorded music and perhaps stories as well. In addition, the ability for the device to record voices or music is important to most parents. With toddlers, the factors are some different. You want a device that is easy to operate, with big buttons, no small parts to swallow and good durability as they get dropped often.

Some MP3 music players allow parents to control volume and earphones are likely not wanted yet. Kids of this age really go for anything with animation and this feature can be had with some MP3 or Ipod models. Some models for really young children have shake controls where shaking the device allows the child to control some functions, like on/off or advancing through songs or stories.

For older kids, say age four and up, the device still wants to be quite durable, but it can be smaller and likely more complex. You will want it to be able to record a larger variety of music so enough memory for recording several hours of music is important. You will also likely want headphones on the MP3 player for this age group and the over-the-ear ones are best and safer.

One final word on things to think about with the risks that these items can present and how to avoid them. With really young kids, you want to avoid any small parts that could be swallowed. Hearing is another critical factor, so again, depending on the age of your child, you may want a device that allows you to control maximum volume controls. you may also choose to avoid headphones altogether. And when you do include headphones, choose the ones that go over the ears, not in the ears. This gives you some ideas to use when shopping for MP3 players for you children

Best mp3 Players For Kids

There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking the best mp3 players for kids. Tons of choices and selections with many different technological specifications. Even Disney now has an MP3 player for kids!


Before we look at specific products that appeal to children and choose the correct one it’s best to educate yourself a bit on them and what the deal really is.
MP3 players, unlike their predecessors that had moving parts to read data on a tape or CD, use solid-state memory. They are really just a data storage device with software applications that allow the transfer of files to the player but  also has utilities that allow the user to organize lists of songs in any desired order and obviously then to play them.


Typically they have a number of components, including data port, memory, playback controls, audio port and amplifier. Essentially, to use them you simply plug the player into your computer’s USB port to transfer data ( music), with the music files saved in the player’s memory. There are several types of memory, including internal flash, memory stick and smartmedia cards, among others.


Most of these are solid-state which means no moving parts for better reliability and quality of music output. These new players are far superior to flash memory devices in terms of the volume of songs they can store.


The advantage to solid-state memory is that there are no moving parts, which means better reliability and quality of the music output.They also are more durable which make them ideal for younger  users.
The players contain tiny hard disk drives that can store many times more volume than flash memory devices can. The microprocessor is the key component of the MP3 player. It monitors user input through the playback controls, displays information about the current song and sends directions to the DSP chip that tells it exactly how to process the audio.


As you would expect, they come in many choices depending on what you want to use it for, the volume of music you want to store and finally, how much you are prepared to pay.
You only need to look at people around you to know that the MP3 player has changed not only how people listen to music, but what they are actually doing. It seems almost everyone, and especially younger generations, are constantly plugged into one of these devices.

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